Ben Jonson’s Eulogy (3)

The Wonder of our Stage !

Section 3: (17 - 18) Praise of the Author

    I, therefore will begin. Soul of the Age !
        The applause! delight! the wonder of our Stage !

  I, therefore will begin.  [I, being in a unique position of knowing your true identity—thus being the only one who can truly praise you, though indirectly—will begin:] Soul of the Age!  [You are the soul of this literary age, the very thing that has made it great and given it life—and this life has come to so many through your writer’s circle at Wilton House.  Moreover, you have helped create this Age, which will be remembered as the greatest age of English literature.] The applause! [You are worthy of the greatest honor and applause] delight! [You have given delight to so many—not only through your words but through your generous patronage]. the wonder of our Stage! [you are the wonder of our world; you are the wonder of this stage in history; your plays have filled our stages with wonder!]

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