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      The Case for Mary Sidney,
Countess of Pembroke,
   as the primary Author 
   of the “ShakespearePlays

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Ben Jonson's "Eulogy to the Author"
    An analysis of Ben Jonson's Eulogy to the Author (from the First Folio) as it relates to Mary Sidney and the Shakespeare Authorship Debate.

Notes - Questions and Answers
A discussion of various themes relating to Mary Sidney, William Herbert, the First Folio, the Shakespeare memorial structure; and Questions & Answers about the Shakespeare Authorship Controversy

Hamlet and the Authorship Question
    A discussion of the Hamlet-Ophelia subplot and how it relates to the Herbert-Fitton affair; and an examination of the Authorship Question as referred to in Hamlet.

Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Authorship Question
    A discussion related to the authorship of Shakespeare's Sonnets
, with the premise that the "Shakespeare" who wrote the plays did not write the sonnets.

The Theory of Character Types  
    An explanation of the theory of Character Types (or Cognitive Types) and an analysis of The Merchant of Venice in accordance with this theory.  This paper demonstrates that the Type of the play's main characters, and that of the play's Author, corresponds to the Type of Mary Sidney (and no other major authorship candidate.)

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